$20 Minimum Order // Pickup Saturdays 9am-noon // Gift Certificates Only Mailed


Our online shop below features new plants galore & every day supplies...You Early Birds can pre-order from our curated offerings of plants & vegetable bulbs/roots/plants so you don’t miss out

Gift certificates are available 24/7, mailed out next business day

Please Note! Images are of established plants at maturity. Plants you receive will be well rooted and still growing

See notes in specific products for a rough idea of when Early Bird plant orders be ready for you to pick up (not before March 20) Plants will arrive at a safe planting time, not before, so no stress for you. We will notify you by email when they’re ready.

*No items (except gift certificates) will be shipped*

We encourage immediate pickup
Orders held beyond 14 days after notification will be returned to stock
No extensions or refunds without approval/prior arrangement

Once a plant makes its first appearance here at the nursery, pre-orders will be filled. Extra plants will be put out on the benches for any & all comers. Bottom line - if you really want the dynamite plants you see here, order now then pick up when you’re notified by us that they have landed on Sandwich Road.

What you see in our online shop but it will be a microscopic fraction of the most amazing plant selection we’ve ever had here. Nursery visitors who drop by often see that myriad new arrivals first.

Another very busy gardening season is anticipated for 2021. For now... Scroll, scroll, scroll....and click ;)


In an era of big box stores, Soares remains the friendly, family-run neighborhood nursery everyone needs. Let's keep it going!

K. Eldred

Everything! Fabulous, unique, healthy plants. Wonderful service. Great atmosphere. Smart advice and ideas.

P. Harrington